Sunday, September 9, 2012


After that brilliant inspiration by Madalina, I decided to try Quilling myself...
So here is my first attempt at quilling, A FLOWER...

Hope you guys liked it and PLEASE PLEASE comment about how i did!!


  1. U did very well..Its simple yet i can see smth elegant about it.heheh.~ Its very good for a first time.heheh. Looking forward to ur next projects~U used paper strips right??I recommend though for this kind of projects like my dreamcatcher or my black and white mask to use cardboard strips cuz its easier to handle and it gives a neater look since u have to make the outline...for projects like scenery or cards with flowers paper strips are ok.
    I./m glad I inspired u to try quilling.Its a very beautiful can have soo many variations its just amazing.
    Does ur mother quill too??U mentioned that u had to borrow some of her tools.


  2. This is great work Anushka.. Not bad for a first time and your work is neat... Neatness is VERY important in quilling else it is VERY visible!

  3. Anushka ...not many in my age would have such a clean start so kudos to you.
    Everything is just neat and perfect ... :)

  4. This is beautiful work Anushka...for a beginner you did very well indeed khushboo says for quilling your work needs to be neat and your work is absolutely that!! so looking forward to seeing some more quilled work from you :)


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